African Fuel Market and Refining Products Conference

Gateway to Oil Refining and Downstream Solutions, Sustainability and Accountabilities

27 th -28 th JULY 2021


The Nigeria’s fuel markets and oil refining industry is under increased pressure to address month by month price increase on oil products in the country and most operators in the downstream are seen not to recover from the investment due to irregular price system and environmental impacts in the industry. The African Fuel market and Refining Products conference is designed to address issues confronting the operators and investors in the industry.  This timely annual event will take an in-depth look at pricing trends and impacts from the  refining, and supply to resellers of the petroleum products market in the region and granting them access to capital while recovering from a global pandemic,. We will discuss current viable solutions and the prospects of price management alternatives.


Our mission is to create an enabling environments to discuss  critical issues that is affecting Clean Oil products leaders  and accelerate a sustainable Oil and Gas Downstream Market  place in the energy management ; ensuring new technology transfer is achieved between the refinery, producers and retailers of the oil and gas products in African regions.

3 Key Themes to be addressed at African Fuel Market and Refining Products Conference 2021 

Innovation as the key to cost reductions in the african fuel market.

Growing Supply Chain capacity

Scaling up infrastructure to create a dynamic power market

  • Get business critical insights on implementing cutting edge technologies from refining products and associated manufacture through partnership and cooperation
  • Understand the benefits of consolidating african fuel market and refining products.
  • Find cost-effective solutions to reduce environmental impact challenges
  • Developing innovative business models to maximize offshore wind assets
  • Learn best practice for diversifying product offerings through implementing the latest technologies
  • Understand why promoting competition require for long terms investors interest in the african fuel market and refining products.
  • Take away strategies for boosting regional economies and creating employment opportunities
  • Discuss overcoming practical transportation challenges and limited port capacity
  • Realising the potential for market growth in the african fuel market and refining products. and maintenance.
  • Gain a greater understanding of the broader economic benefits from this burgeoning sector
  • Discuss ways of creating the capability to supply power on demand across the European market.
  • Understand driving efficiencies with african fuel market and refining products, and future opportunity.
  • Assess the market potential to redeploy oil and gas infrastructure in a remote areas.
  • Understand the steps involved in creating commercial confidence to finance floating wind projects.
  • Get best practices for boosting local content and increasing employment opportunities.


Emeka Nelson Onyema 

COO, Downstream   Questoilgroup

Ejike Nwuba 

CEO, Ashlink Energy

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